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Metropolitan Kiprian of Stara Zagora: People have shown support for the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Metropolitan Kiprian of Stara Zagora: People have shown support for the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church
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7 February 2019 year 10:49

In his video interview to YouTube channel Povesti Metropolitan Kiprian of Stara Zagora spoke about the church life in Ukraine. He said that the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church had set up a commission for studying all documents and circumstances relating to the Ukrainian church crisis and expressed his hope that with Gods aid the situation would be resolved in the canonical framework.

“I recall with joy my visit to the Laura of the Caves in Kiev on the occasion of the 1030th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia. I saw the procession with the cross; people have shown support for the canonical Orthodox Church. I was impressed by the words and prayers of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry. I am convinced that with this Primate the Church will be One, Catholic and Apostolic.”

While talking about the trials which the bishops, clerics and all the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are experiencing, Metropolitan Kiprian underscored: “All sufferings are from God, and we can endure as much as God is giving us. He is the Truth and the Love and therefore we hope that we will always abide in the One, Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church and take Holy Communion from one chalice and glorify God with one mouth in joy and in sorrow. May God’s Providence inspire bishops to take the most correct decision. We are nothing without God, but we can join our efforts and overcome any division.”

Metropolitan Kiprian of Stara Zagora added that Bulgaria is a country that had always loved Orthodoxy and was friendly to all Orthodox nations. “Love among people and, moreover, among Orthodox people will make our faith even stronger,”

The archpastor said and expressed his hope that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will preserve its unity.

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