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Sunday school children of the church of the Dormition in Syrian Zabadani receive gifts from Russia

Sunday school children of the church of the Dormition in Syrian Zabadani receive gifts from Russia
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4 September 2021 year 11:36

On September 3, 2021, the parishioners of the church of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God in Syrian Zabadani, which is being restored by the Russian Orthodox Church, received gifts from Russia in the course of a joint humanitarian action of the Damascus Representation of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides in the Syrian Arab Republic and the Russian National Veteran Organizations ‘Combat Brotherhood’. 

The representative of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia to the Patriarchal See of Antioch, Hegumen Arseny Sokolov, gifted icons and icon lamps to the church. He also conveyed a wheelchair to a parishioner, a casualty of the war. 

The Sunday school children, future first-formers (the academic year in Syria begins on September 5), received school rucksacks put together with love by parishioners of the Moscow church of the Founding of the Lord’s Sepulchre-at-Uspensky-Vrazhek, while senior children received school stationary from the Combat Brotherhood. 

The Russian military brought equipment for the Sunday school sports ground - a swing and a football gates.

Zabadani, located 30 km from Damascus, found itself several times in the hands of militants; Christians fled from it. The church of the Dormition was ruined and looted, but today, thanks to the assistance of the Russian Church, the restoration work is approaching completion. The rector of the church, Father Samaan Ajub, thanked Russia for the aid and said that Orthodox Christians in Zabadani hope to assemble already in November for the service in the church.

Participating in the meeting were Usama Mustafa and Rimon Hilal, deputies of the People’s Assemble of the Arab Republic of Syria - members of the group of friendship with the Russian Parliament.

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