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Ss Nicholas and Basil Monastery of Dormition in Donetsk diocese damaged by shelling

Ss Nicholas and Basil Monastery of Dormition in Donetsk diocese damaged by shelling
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8 September 2022 year 19:35

On September 7, 2022, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled the Ss Nicholas-Basil Monastery of the Dormition in the village of Nikolskoye, Volnovakha district (Diocese of Donetsk). 

The monastery has been under aimed fire since March 2022. Now it has none of undamaged buildings, and the Cathedral of the Dormition has been severely damaged. There are victims among monks and nuns as well as refugees who are taking shelter in the monastery.

On July 13, elderly people and refugees with children were evacuated from the monastery’s hospice under shelling. On the same day, the cells and the workshop were burnt out and the cathedral was affected.

On September7, the monastery was shelled twice - in the morning and the evening. There were new damages in the monastery as now the chapel and cells were damaged. A volunteer worker was injured. His hand was torn away. One of the shells destroyed the generator.

The monastery, in which 78 people are staying, is left without light and water. Russian volunteers managed to drive to Nikolskoye. The Russian humanitarian mission conveyed to the monastery a generator and foodstuffs. The humanitarian group of the Combat Brotherhood also conveyed medicines.

The monks and nuns of the monastery thanked them for the aid and declared that they would not leave the monastery.

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