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Metropolitan Timotheos of Bostra: Hierarchs, clergy, monastics, seminarians and ordinary faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church subjected to ruthless persecutions

Metropolitan Timotheos of Bostra: Hierarchs, clergy, monastics, seminarians and ordinary faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church subjected to ruthless persecutions
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5 May 2023 year 11:04

In the Paschal message of greeting addressed to His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, Metropolitan Timotheos of Bostra, Exarch of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem in Cyprus, writes in particular about the tragic situation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church enduring persecutions today.

“The Church of Christ, going through various persecutions and severe trials, has not for a minute ceased to believe that the glorious Resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ is the obvious highest degree of the invariable God’s mercy for the fallen human and the crown of His redemptive sacrifice for the sake of the world’s life and salvation. And we draw hope, patience and power from this soul-saving event”, the hierarch stated stressing, “the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, too, is going through similar trials, and we see with indignation that our brothers - hierarchs, clergy, monks, seminarians and ordinary believers - are subjected to ruthless persecutions by Orthodox “brothers” and “compatriots”. According to him, the persecutors have made use of the military conflict “in order to punish “as traitors” all those who remain faithful and committed to their Mother Church in whose bosom they, just as their ancestors, were baptized and raised in the spiritual teaching of her admonitions, prayers and ascetic works”.

“Despite the fact that all these actions arise in our souls deep sorrow and pain, the call of the Risen Lord, But take heart! I have overcome the world, continues to give inspiration and consolation to the plenitude of the Church”, Metropolitan Timotheos reminded, “And so in the end we have the hope that He Who has trampled down the devil, Who has abolished his kingdom and has Risen in glory from the dead, our God Christ will give consolation to those who grieve and suffer, bring to repentance those who threaten the salvific path of His Church and strengthen those who are enduring manifold and severe trials”.

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