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Patriarchal congratulations to the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbа́n on his 60th birthday

Patriarchal congratulations to the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbа́n on his 60th birthday
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31 May 2023 year 11:00

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus' congratulated the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on his 60th birthday.

His Excellency Mr Viktor ORBÁN, Prime Minister of Hungary

Your Excellency,

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

Please accept my heartfelt greetings on your 60th birthday.

Having devoted your whole life to serving your homeland, you have achieved substantial success in this demanding work and earned a reputation as a man of principle and firm beliefs and as a responsible state leader consistent in defending national interests. It is largely thanks to your determined efforts that Hungary keeps steadily following the path of sustainable socio-economic development and carries out independent foreign and domestic policy. It is gratifying that upholding Christian values in society and strengthening the traditional institution of family and marriage are matters of great concern to you.

I appreciate the support you provide to the Russian Orthodox Church’s Diocese of Budapest and Hungary in its activities. With the assistance of the Government of Hungary, restoration works in churches and over important projects are being carried out, helping people learn more about religion and promoting fraternal relations between our nations.

In consideration of your substantial contribution to the strengthening of traditional moral values in the life of the European society and in view of your memorable jubilee I deem it fair to award you with the Order of Glory and Honour, 1st Class.

Wishing you good health, bountiful help from God and further success in your demanding and important work for the good of your compatriots, I remain

Sincerely yours,



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