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His Holiness Patriarch Kirill: The armed conflict in Ukraine is a reflection of the global clash of civilizations

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill: The armed conflict in Ukraine is a reflection of the global clash of civilizations
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19 July 2023 year 17:38

On 19th July in his presentation at the plenary session of the Bishops’ Convocation of the Russian Orthodox Church which opened at the Monastery of the Holy Trinity and Saint Sergius, His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill spoke of his perception of the causes of the present armed conflict in Ukraine.

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church expressed his belief that the present armed conflict “is a reflection of the greater global conflict of civilizations, between that which further removes itself from the foundations of life as established by God and that which strives to preserve them, in spite of the endeavours over many years undertaken by the ideologues of apostasy.”

His Holiness the Patriarch noted with regret that “the latter have managed to draw into this confrontation the state leadership of Ukraine and its people by whom they have been deceived.”

“It was in this way,” emphasized His Holiness the Patriarch, “that internecine strife between the people of Russia and Ukraine who share the same blood and faith was provoked.”

“It is evident,” continued the Primates, “that when the conflagration of war was inflamed a large number of foreign mercenaries took part in military actions on the side of Ukraine, often supported by the countries from which they came from which have a clear and unambiguous interest in this war, which supply Ukraine with arms, and which support the conflict by various other means. In other words, the internecine strife which was provoked and to the present is supported in various parts of the world has grown into an international and in effect world armed conflict.” The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill noted with sorrow that “this conflict has already claimed many, many victims.”

“Cities, churches and monasteries have been destroyed, often to their foundations. Whole territories have become unfit for habitation,” added the Patriarch.

“It is with great pain that I look upon what is happening, even more so the suffering and afflictions of civilians, and especially as on both sides of the frontline there are the children of the one Russian Orthodox Church,” said His Holiness Patriarch Kirill in conclusion.

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