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Christian community in Gabon is received into the Russian Orthodox Church

Christian community in Gabon is received into the Russian Orthodox Church
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22 August 2023 year 10:26

A Christian community in Gabon consisting of many members has been received into the Russian Orthodox Church. The event was reported by Metropolitan Leonid of Klin, Patriarchal Exarch of Africa, in his Telegram channel.

In 2008-2011, representatives of the Orthodox Church of Alexandria tried to carry out mission in the country, but to no effect. The attempt failed, but there appeared an uncanonical community called “The Patriarchate of Nations” with four parishes led by a ‘bishop,’ two ‘priests,’ and two ‘deacons.’

Having become aware of their belonging to the uncanonical group, the faithful turned to the Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa with a request to admit them to the Russian Orthodox Church.

The process of catechization was started by Rev. George Maximov, chair of the Exarchate’s Missionary Department, continued by Mr. Alexander V. Lyulka, head of the School of Orthodox Missionary at the Synodal Missionary Department, and completed by Rev. Parthenios Dansou, who arrived in Gabon with the blessing of Metropolitan Leonid, gave lectures about Orthodoxy, held workshops with community leaders and practical course for singers at the church of the Theotokos in the town of Ntoum. Also, he taught them to bake communion bread.

The catechization being over, Rev. Parthenios performed the Rite of Acceptance into the Russian Orthodox Church. “Community leaders were accepted as laymen; their training will continue,” said the Patriarchal Exarch of Africa.

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