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Orthodox Africa festival takes place in Tanzania

Orthodox Africa festival takes place in Tanzania
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29 September 2023 year 16:12

On 22nd September 2023 the Russian House in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, held a spiritual and educational festival called ‘Orthodox Africa’.

The guests invited to the event – representatives of various religions – gathered in the Russian House to discuss examples of how the peaceful coexistence of religions, religious tolerance and support from the state form the diversity of the religious scene in the country and prevent the formation of false views, values and spiritual hostility.

The festival programme included an excursion to an exhibition of Orthodox icons and a viewing of the 2009 Russian feature film Tsar, directed by Pavel Lungin.

The event was opened by the Russian ambassador to Tanzania Andrei

Avetisyan. Addressing and sending greetings to the event by video link were the

Patriarchal exarch to Africa the Metropolitan of Klin Leonid and the Metropolitan of Tashkent and Uzbekistan Vikenty.

Also addressing those gathered were the representative of the official Tanzanian interreligious organization sheikh Kundech and cleric of the Patriarchal exarchate in Tanzania and head of its educational centre Father Konstantin Shoki.

The inadmissibility of religious discord, attacks and persecution of believers and ministers and in their place the establishment of a peaceful spiritual atmosphere and respect for the religious feelings of other citizens – these appeals resounded in the greetings of those who spoke, reports the Patriarchal exarchate of Africa with a link to the site of the Russian embassy in Tanzania.

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