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Memorial service held for soldiers who fell in battle on the River Khalkhin

Memorial service held for soldiers who fell in battle on the River Khalkhin
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22 May 2024 year 19:22

The Russian ambassador to Mongolia Alexei Nikolaevich Yevsikov and the rector of the Holy Trinity parish in Ulan Bator Father Antony Gusev visited the place where the ‘Khalkin Gol – Glory in the Year 2024’ international expedition was working. The expedition had been organized by the Time and Generations Foundation for the Preservation of Cultural and Historical Legacy, reports the website of the foundation on its Vkontakte page.

During a viewing of the archeological site, the expedition participants told the ambassador Mr. Yevsikov of the work that was being carried out there. At present the members of the expedition had discovered the remains of twelve soldiers fr om the Red Army.

At the site of the discovery Father Antony Gusev held a short service for the departed fallen soldiers.

It was revealed that before a common decision would be taken regarding the permanent resting place of these soldiers, their remains would be kept in the Holy Trinity Church in Ulan Bator wh ere relatives could pay their respects.

Then the delegation of the Russian embassy and the expedition participants laid wreaths at the memorial to the commander of the 149th motorized regiment major Remizov, erected at Remizov Hill on the territory of Dornod aimag. It was here that the more ferocious clashes took place between the Soviet-Mongol troops and the Japanese army.

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