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DECR representative takes part in the 5th International Forum ‘Religion and Peace’

DECR representative takes part in the 5th International Forum ‘Religion and Peace’
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24 October 2019 year 11:52

On 23rd October 2019, the 5th International Forum ‘Religion and Peace: Religion and Ecology’ was held at the multimedia press centre of the Russia Today International News Agency in Moscow. 

The meeting was organized by the ‘Christian World’ Union for Upholding Traditional Spiritual Values with the support of the Moscow Government. The participants in the forum discussed such topics as religious perspective on ecological crisis, religion’s role in promoting environmental friendliness, ecology of relationships and prevention of extremism, as well as present-day challenges to religious identity.

Among those who took part in the meeting were religious leaders and public figures from various countries, government officials, and Russian and foreign experts.

Representing the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations at the forum was Mr. Sergei Melnik, staff member of the Secretariat for Interreligious Relations and of the Secretariat of the Interreligious Council of Russia. He delivered a report entitled ‘Experience of Interfaith Dialogue at the International Level in the Sphere of Ecology,’ highlighting the position of the Russian Orthodox Church on the topical problems of ecology, different forms of interfaith dialogue and the attention it devotes to environmental protection.

A memorandum was adopted at the result of the forum.

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