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Metropolitan Anthony of Borispol and Brovary: a ‘neo-Orthodoxy’ alien to the faith of the Church is being created now

Metropolitan Anthony of Borispol and Brovary: a ‘neo-Orthodoxy’ alien to the faith of the Church is being created now
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11 August 2021 year 13:28

Metropolitan Anthony of Borispol and Brovary, chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, stated that it is especially important for the Orthodox Ukrainian to preserve faithfulness to the true faith now that attempts are made to introduce to the Church’s doctrine some innovations alien to it. 

The church situation in Ukraine is not only a problem of the survival of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, but also a catalyst of the situation throughout the world when attempts are made to impose a ‘neo-Orthodoxy’ on the Church, he said in his comment to the ‘Pershyi Nezalezhniy’ (First Independent) Ukrainian TV news channel.

According to His Eminence, faithfulness to the Orthodox faith has always helped Ukrainians to preserve their identity, but now the situation in the entire Orthodox world is dependent on this faithfulness.

“Today, we see in the Orthodox world a tendency to substitute the principles of canon law, life of discipline and even the faith in order to shift key points”, he said, “And I would even say that what is being created is a certain ‘neo-Orthodoxy’, a compete novel to the Orthodox Church. Therefore, for Orthodox Ukraine it is now a matter of survival not only for us as Orthodox people in Ukraine - we are now generally a catalyst of the situation in the Orthodox world”. 

Many are looking at Ukraine, at how the church situation will develop, he said. “Most of our people, thank God, are faithful to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and they testify to this by ‘their feet’ because people come to church; thousands and hundreds of thousands come to processions with the cross. It is a testimony [to the support of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church] contrary to commissioned public opinion polls artificially created with the aim to convince our society that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is numerically decreasing, that we have no supporters”. 

According to Metropolitan Anthony, the church, divine service, procession with the cross - all this testify to the true situation in Ukrainian Orthodoxy; for most Ukrainians are parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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