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Three churches of the Serbian Orthodox Church looted within a month

Three churches of the Serbian Orthodox Church looted within a month
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3 February 2022 year 14:36

In the first month of the year 2022, three churches of the Serbian Orthodox Church were looted at Zubin-Potok municipality of Kosovo and Metohija. As the website of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija reports, the third robbery took place at the village of Dornja-Varaga, where the Church of St. John the Baptist was broken into in the January last days off. Previously, robbers attacked the Church of the Holy Fathers at the Zupče and the Church of the Ascension at the Yagneniče village.

The robbers not only stole money and other valuables but also scattered and damaged church reliquaries. In Zubin-Potok, the police detained an Albanian suspected of these series of burglary.

Such an attitude of a representative of the Albanian community toward Serbian Orthodox shrines reflects the attitude of the Pristina authority towards the Serbs. It is ‘a result of the political situation and the massages propagated daily by political leaders from Pristina, as well as another confirmation of the threat constituted to the Orthodox shrines in Kosovo and Metohija”, states the government office in its report.

According to its information as regards the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, there is a negative tendency of growth in ethnically motivated incidents and attacks on their property and churches of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Earlier, in the village of Velika Hoča in Kosovo and Metohija, some unknown persons installed a flag with the coat of arms of the extremist organization “Kosovo Liberation Army”. They hoisted it near the Church of St. John the Baptist with a memorial to the killed and kidnapped Serbs standing in its territory.

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