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Supporters of the ‘Orthodox Church of Ukraine’ seize a church building of the canonical Church in the Kiev region of Ukraine

Supporters of the ‘Orthodox Church of Ukraine’ seize a church building of the canonical Church in the Kiev region of Ukraine
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23 May 2022 year 11:23

On 21st May 2022 supporters of the schismatic structure known as the ‘Orthodox Church of Ukraine’ seized the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in the settlement of Ivankov in the Kiev region. This was reported on the Facebook page of the St. Michael’s Zverinets Monastery, states the Union of Orthodox Journalists.

“Two days ago, the state registrar completely illegally signed documents on the transfer of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the ‘OCU’ without assembling the requisite number of parish members or people. They were simply kicked out. Yesterday a crowd came with the police and the territorial defense and a ‘priest’ with a pectoral cross and broke down the gates,” St. Michael’s Monastery reports.

It was noted that this ‘priest’, in presenting illegal documents, started to break the locks of the doors to the church building accompanied by the police.

The archbishop of Ivankov Cassian expressed his support for his lock. He called upon the schismatics to halt their actions, but only became the object of insults in reply. “The law-enforcement officers and territorial defense applied physical force to the women who tried to stop this illegal activity,” it was reported.

Having broken the locks, the supporters of the ‘OCU’ then burst into the church building and defiled the sanctuary and altar.

It was noted in St. Michael’s Monastery that human-rights lawyers also had a hand in these illegal actions.

“One of the police had supposedly agreed to seal the church building with the agreement of the head of the Ivankov territorial community T.M. Sviridenko. She promised to do everything, but as a result the church was not sealed and now representatives of the ‘OCU’ now serve in there. But the church’s community and archimandrite Longinus have now been thrown out on the street. They do not even have the right to take back their vestments,” St. Michael’s Monastery reported.

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