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Vandals set fire to a church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Lvov

Vandals set fire to a church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Lvov
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20 June 2022 year 12:14

In the evening of June 19, the church of St. Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostles burst into flames in Sykhiv residential district in Lvov, portal.lviv reports with reference to the Main Department of the State Service for Emergency Situations in Lvov region.

The parishioners say that they heard blasts before the fire started at 10.45 p.m.

The emergency response group and police came on the site of the fire at short notice. Twenty firemen were fighting the fire with water from four special vehicles. The fire was put out at 11.19 p.m. and the roof was dismantled. Firemen say that the fire started under the roofing material, but the roof was not damaged. 

According to the data from a source of the Union of Orthodox Journalists, found at the site of the fire were a bucket with a liquid substance, a rod with a fabric, a lighter, a jacket, and a cap.

The UOJ reports that St. Vladimir’s church has long been targeted by local vandals. On April 25, a man with a firearm announced an upcoming demolition of the church building. On May 1, radicals attempted to disrupt a divine service. On May 8, vandals poured foam on the front doors of the church and painted insulting words on its walls. On May 15, unknown persons attempted to set the church on fire and left a No pasaran graffito. Also, church walls were painted on May 25 and 28.

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