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Metropolitan Eugene of Tallinn and All Estonia celebrates his first divine services in the capacity of Primate of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate

Metropolitan Eugene of Tallinn and All Estonia celebrates his first divine services in the capacity of Primate of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate
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18 June 2018 year 11:57

On June 16-17, 2018, Metropolitan Eugene of Tallinn and All Estonia celebrated his first divine services in the capacity of Primate of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, at the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky in Tallinn. 

In the evening of June 16, Metropolitan Eugene celebrated All-Night Vigil. He was assisted by Archbishop Jacob of Bialystok and Gdansk (Polish Orthodox Church), Bishop Lazar of Narva and Prichudie; Bishop Ioann of Jelgava, vicar of the diocese of Riga; Bishop Sergiy of Maardu, vicar of the diocese of Tallinn; as well as clergy of Estonia, Poland and Lithuania.

On June 17, Metropolitan Eugene celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Among his concelebrants were Metropolitan Innocent of Vilna and Lithuania, Archbishop Jacob of Bialystok and Gdansk, Bishop Lazar of Narva and Prichudie, Bishop Ioann of Jelgava, Bishop Sergiy of Maardu, as well as representatives of the clergy from Estonia, Poland and Lithuania.

Present at the service were Archbishop Urmas Viilma of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Archbishop Andres Pyder, as well as Sister Philareta, mother superior of the Pukhtitsy Convent of the Dormition.

After the Divine Liturgy, a thanksgiving was celebrated. Then Bishop Lazar, speaking on behalf of the clergy of the Estonian Orthodox Church, addressed Metropolitan Eugene, saying,

‘Your Eminence, Dear Vladiko Metropolitan,

Divine Providence has been pleased, through a conciliar decision of the clergy and laity, to install you to the lofty and important service as Primate of the self-governing Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. For many years your life has been linked with the leading educational institution of the Russian Church – Moscow Theological Academy. For over twenty years as you served as rector, many clergy and bishops, who are now actively work in the field of Christ, received theological education and formation under your guidance. Being constantly in the midst of young people, you, as nobody else, can understand the problems of today’s youth, their needs and aspirations.

Estonia, which is called by local people the Land of Mary Who was destined to preach along with the apostles, is a region of active missionary work. All our efforts are aimed, first of all, at involving the younger generation in religious life. Indeed, coming into adult life, they will have to carry without spilling the cup of the living water of our faith and Orthodox tradition. They are to replace us at the Altar of God, fill the churches, and steer the church boat along the right course on the waves of the sea of life.

In our difficult time of tyrannical rule of the liberal thought, propaganda of laxity and all-permissiveness, this task becomes as complicated as never before. On the pages of Holy Scriptures, there are words of the Saviour, prophetically addressed to those who have increased the measure of perfection on the place of the initial feat and who are put forward by the Lord to new vast areas of work for the common good: A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house (Mt. 5:14-15). Having covered a long way of service as rector, having gained a unique experience of mentor and administrator, you are put by God’s will on a new path that opens a boundless horizon of opportunities for realizing the potential you have gained and the many faceted abilities you have acquired.

On this highly solemn day when you enter the Estonian Church entrusted to your care, I would like to wish you, paraphrasing scriptural words, that your eyes be always directed to the verbal vine planted by Christ’s right hand and strengthened by your work and preaching and that it may bring forth a hundred-fold fruit in this age and the ages to come’.

As a gift from the Estonian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Lazar presented Metropolitan Eugene with a cross and two pectoral icons. Metropolitan Innocent, too, congratulated His Eminence Eugene on the celebration of his first divine services at the Estonian See and presented him with an Icon of Our Lady of Vilna.

Metropolitan Eugene thanked the episcopate, clergy and laity for the common prayers and asked all to pray that the Lord may grant him strength for the service ahead at the See of Estonia, the EOC MP website has reported.

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