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A monument to St. Alexander Nevsky unveiled in Belgrade

A monument to St. Alexander Nevsky unveiled in Belgrade
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20 November 2021 year 11:23

On November 18, 2021, a monument to Holy Orthodox Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky was unveiled in the capital city of Serbia. 

On that day, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated at the church of St. Alexander Nevsky in Belgrade by His Holiness Porfitije, Patriarch of Serbia. He was assisted by Bishop Nazariy of Kronstadt, abbot of the St. Alexander Nevsky Lavra, and Serbian and Russian clergy. 

After the Liturgy, a procession with the cross took walked to the site of the monument where the memorial was blessed. 

The ceremony was attended by Governor of St. Petersburg A. Beglov, Mayor of Belgrade Zoran Radojicic, Russian Federation State Duma vice-speaker A. Babakov, Russia’ ambassador to Serbia A. Botsan-Kharchenko, chairman of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly A. Belsky, representatives of the Belgrade authorities and the public. Many residents and guests of Belgrade came to pay homage to the hero of Russian history and especially venerated saint in both Russia and Serbia. Among the guests was the father of the President of the Republic Andjelko Vucic.

“Thanks to our common Orthodox faith, today we have the honour to be present at the opening of a monument of St. Alexander Nevsky, who was born in Russia but is loved in Serbia as well. Our people saw in the Grand Prince their St. Sava, a warrior and a monk. Alexander Nevsky told us that the truth is not in power but in God. May the unity of all the Orthodox nations be blessed through his intercession”, the Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church said. 

“Let us seek to follow the example of the saint at the moments when clouds begin to gather over our two nations", Bishop Nazary of Kronstadt said noting that the intercession of the Orthodox Grand Prince and all the saints is needed at this difficult time as never before. 

St. Petersburg Governor A. Beglov thanked Serbia for fraternal love and support for Russia. “A hard time fell to the lot of Ss Alexander Nevsky and Sava of Serbia but they won and preserved the Orthodox faith. We are together, and if we are together, we will win”, he said. 

Mayor of Belgrade Zoran Radojicic described the unveiling of the bust as another testimony to the goodwill and friendship of the two countries. 

St. Alexander Nevsky’s bust is a gift from St. Petersburg to Belgrade in the year of the 800th anniversary of the birth of the Grand Prince. He was sent to Serbia on September 22. The same two monuments, which had been produced by the Russian Glory Alley Foundation, are placed at the vestibule of the church of St. Alexander Nevsky of the lavra in St. Petersburg and at the lavra’s St. Nicholas Skete in the Leningrad Region. Their author is Anatoly Dementyev, a member of the Artists Union of Russia. 

The Belgrade monument is the most solid one of the three. It is over 3 meters tall and its weight is 4,5 tons. The inscription on the pedestal is made of gold leaf in Serbian Cyrillic. The installation of the monument was initiated by the Orly (Eagles) Russian-Serbian Cultural Information Center. It was supervised by the Committee for External Relations of the St. Petersburg Government. Assistance was given by businessman M. Serdyukov, State Duma deputy S. Mironov, representatives of public organizations in the two countries, and the St. Seraphim of Vyritsa Religious Education Center.

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