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A textbook for Bachelor of Theology degree “Professional English for Theologians” has come out

A textbook for Bachelor of Theology degree “Professional English for Theologians” has come out
Version for print
25 April 2022 year 18:37

The Poznanie Publishers has published a textbook entitled “Professional English for Theologians” prepared by a team of authors and edited by Archpriest Christopher Hill.

The textbook consists of six chapters expounding themes for profound studies of English language for those who specialize in theology: The People of the Church, The Bible, Christian History, Christian Feasts, Christian art, Christian theology. The sections present contemporary texts intended for a student and for familiarization and search reading.

Each chapter has a uniform structural organization: the first part presents words and expressions necessary for work on an issue, as well as praxis for using these words and expressions in speech; the second part offers the work with texts aimed to develop reading, lexical work as well and as developing speech fluency. In the end of each chapter, a generalized praxis is offered for drilling.

The textbook will help specialists in theology deepen and broaden their knowledge of English and develop their foreign language communication skills. In addition, the work with the textbook will help students to prepare for the English language minimum required for the Bachelor’s Degree.

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