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The Russian version of the book “A Contribution to the Dialogue on the Ukrainian Autocephaly” by Greek priest Anastasios Gotsopoulos has come out

The Russian version of the book “A Contribution to the Dialogue on the Ukrainian Autocephaly” by Greek priest Anastasios Gotsopoulos has come out
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25 January 2022 year 15:15

A new book “A Contribution to the Dialogue on the Ukrainian Autocephaly” by Protopresbyter Anastasios Gotsopoulos (translated from Greek) has come out in the For the Unity of the Church series. It continues the series devoted to the topic of the aggressive anti-canonical actions taken by the Patriarchate of Constantinople in Ukraine.

Father Anastasios, a priest from the city of Patras. Collected in the edition are articles devoted to the issues of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople’s anti-canonical acknowledgement of Ukrainian schismatic groupings and the sad consequences of this for the world Orthodox community.

In his articles, Archpriest Anastasios comes out against the false postulates and assertions, being concerned for the Church of Greece as she may lose her ground in the communion with spiritual hairs and successors of those whose ordination was either uncanonical or who were not ordained at all.

The edition was prepared by the Poznaniye Publishers in cooperation with the Foundation of Support for Christian Culture and Heritage.

A few more books in the For the Unity of the Church series are being prepared, including “The Relations between the Serbian and Russian Orthodox Churches, on the Basis of Russian Archive Documents” by Bishop Anthony of Moravici (Serbian Orthodox Church); “The Intra-Trinitarian Monarchy of the Father and Monk Seraphim, a Latter-Day Monarch of Fanar’s Ecclesiology” by Monk Seraphim (Zisis), Orthodox Church of Greece; “The Russian Church and the Disintegration of Yugoslavia” by A. Yu. Khoshev; “The Primacy of Constantinople. Facts against Myths” by P. V. Kuzenkov, at al.

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